Materi Workshop 1

Pulmonary Emergency and RespiratoryLife Support (PEARLS)
September 11th-12th 2019
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Day I, September 11th, 2019
1 of airway obstruction dr arif bachtiar.pdf 2,6 MB
2 to manage COPD and Asthma exacerbation dr Retno Ariza.pdf 7,7 MB
3 Oksigen dr adrianison.pdf 1,5 MB
4 Respiratory Distress Syndrome dr farih.pdf 0,5 MB
5 Inhalasi dr adrianison.pdf 2,1 MB
6 Haemoptysis dr chrisrianto.pdf 1,4 MB
7 of Toxic Prof IB Ngurah Rai.pdf 2,0 MB
Day II, September 12th, 2019
1 Radiology Imaging in Pulmonary Emergency dr widiastuti.pdf 3,0 MB
2 Pulmonary Embolism dr Isnu Pradjoko.pdf 1,9 MB
3 Sindrom Vena Kava Superior dr Munawar Gani.pdf 0,9 MB
4 Ventilasi dr Moh ISA.pdf 1,3 MB
5 pneumotoraks ventil dr Irvan Medison.pdf 2,9 MB
6 Massive Pleural Effusion dr Widiraharjo.pdf 1,6 MB

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