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: 13 September 2019



: Depan Ballroom


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: 10.10 - 11.40 WIB






dr. Rinal



Pulmonary sclerosing hemangioma of the lung: identified by immunohistochemical and biopsy



dr. H. Heny Pebryanti



Prostate tuberculosis confirmed after prostatectomy procedur



Krizelle Acibal, MD



Prevalence And Risk Factors For Community Acquired Pneumonia High Risk With Multidrug-Resistant Gram Negative Bacteria In East Avenue Medical Center From January 2016 To December 2017



dr. Simon



A rare case of intralobar pulmonary sequestration in adult confirmed by open thoracotomy



dr. Haris



The role of bronchoscopy for successful removal of a chronic aspirated foreign body after twelve years



dr. Jimmy



A rare mature teratoma case : giant cystic mediastinum in post-puberty female



dr. Ida Ayu Ika Wari Utami



Non Small Cell Lung Carcinoma With Miliary Metastasis



dr. Senja Decy Ningrum



Gefitinib-Induced Acute Liver Failure



dr. Victor Nugroho



A bilothorax following hepatobiliary surgery



dr. Jaswin Dhillon



Intrapulmonary schwannoma mimmicking pleural effusion



dr. Fatmi Andari



A 29 Year-Old Woman With Catamenial Pneumothorax



dr. Andari Rahmani Putri



Case Report: A 56 Years Old Man With Double Primaries Tumour



dr. Sisilia Yolanda Wijaya



A Rare Case Of Bilateral Chylothorax Complicating A Case Of Mediastinal Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Case Report



dr. Yuly Rahmawati



Varicella Pneumonia in a Patient with Chronic Hepatitis B Infection



dr. Yuliza



Tuberculosis Pneumonia As A Primary Cause Of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Case Report



dr. Sakina



A Woman With Solitary Fibrous Tumor Pleura Mimicking Lung Sklerosing Hemangioma



dr. Amelia Tantri Anggraeni



Therapeutic Problems Of Loculated Empiema Due To Pulmonary Tuberculosis



dr. Sahrun



Bilateral Pneumotoracs In Silicosis Patients With Non-Specific Transaminitis And Lung Tuberculosis



dr. Khairuddin Hamdani Hasibuan



Rapid onsite evaluation (rose) in diagnostic of lung cancer





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: 13 September 2019



: Depan Ballroom


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: 13.15 - 15.15 WIB






dr. Hafis Herdiman



Thymmic carcinoma ; a rare case report



dr. Maulana Syukri El Muharram



Pneumoconiosis On Traditional Gold Miner : Case Series



dr. Lusi Agustini Arda



Lung Adenocarsinoma, Complete Remission After 12-Months Post Chemotheraphy: Rare Case



dr. Yani Oktaviani



A Rare Case of Idiopatic Pulmonary Fibrosis



dr. Armita Dewi



A Rare Case of Malignant Cardiac Tamponade as A Manifestation of Metastatic Lung Adenocarsinoma



dr. Ikhsan Budi



Coexistence of Lung Cancer and Tuberculosis : A Serial Cases



dr. Ardito Adi Pratama



Case Report : Secondary Esophageal Achalasia Due To Lung Cancer



dr. Sry Rahayu Alimuddin



Case Report : Double aspergilloma on former tuberculosis patient



dr. Ayudiah Puspita Mayasari



Ventricular tachycardia induced by salbutamol overuse in chronic airway obstruction pasca tuberculosis and cor pulmonale patients



dr. Muhammad Nor



Pneumonitis due to barium aspiration in patient with ischemic stroke and bronchoesophageal fistulae



dr. Aina Nurlaila



Left lung agenesis



dr. Jendriella



A Case Report Tuberculous Chylothorax In A Patient With Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Of Diffuse Large B Cell Variety



dr. Evi Restuti



Complete Response In Lung Adenocarcinoma Patients With Platinum Based Chemotherapy



dr. Indi Esha, M.Si



A Case Report: Overlapping Diagnosis Of Mediastinum Tumor With Aortic Dissection



dr . Ananda Febriani Aulia



Lung Cancer Masquerading As Lung Abscess: An Unusual Presentation



dr. Andry Wahyudi Agus



Lung Adenocarcinoma With Deletion Exon 19 And T790M Mutation On Exon 20 : A Case Report.



dr. Aulia Rahman



A Case Report: Progressivity Of Untreated Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma And Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary



dr. Heliyana Isma



Patient With Paraplegia Caused By Complications Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Aspergilloma



dr. Vera Ismayana



Tuberculous Osteomyelitis Presenting As Non Diabetik Foot Ulcer In Pulmonary Tuberculosis



dr. Rachmi Merrina



A Multi Drugs Resistant (MDR) Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patient With Massive Hemorrhagic Pleural Effusion



dr. Veni Andria



Bilobectomy Surgery In Reccurent Hemoptysis Due To Lung Aspergiloma



dr. Moh Ramadhani S, M. Ked (Paru), Sp.P



Lung Adenocarcinoma With Positive Rapid Molecular Screening Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis From Bronchoalveolar Lavage With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease With Type 2 Diabetes : Case Report



dr. Faskanita



Lipoid Pneumonia Caused By Gramoxone Aspiration : A Case Report



dr. Fransisco



A Successful Extraction Of Tracheobronchial Foreign Body Aspiration In Eleven Years Old Child At Adam Malik General Hospital: A Case Report





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: 14 September 2019



: Depan Ballroom


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: 08.30 - 10.00 WIB






dr. Arini Purwono



Spontaneous Bilateral Pneumothorax In AIDS Patient With Pneumocystis Pneumonia: A Case Report



dr. Oktaviarum Slamet Utama



A 22 years old man with transudate pleural effusion responds to anti-tuberculosis drugs: a rare case



dr. Maria



A confirmed case of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - probable usual interstitial pneumonia pattern through lung biopsy



dr. Kristo Kurniawan



Repetitive Mutation Changes In Lung Adenocarcinoma



dr. Ulfah Kartikasari



Lobectomy procedure in recurrent hemoptysis and history of tuberculosis treatment with lung mycosis



dr. Wadanta



Thymic Tumor Presenting As Right Intra Atrial Tumor With Superior Vena Cava Syndrome



dr. Ida Bagus Janantara Wirakusuma



Very Rare Case - Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Due To Achromobacter Denitriticans In Bali



dr. Ida Bagus Putu Adi Styawan



Silico tuberculosis with bronchiectasis manifestation



dr. Januar Habibi



Case Report: Rifampicin-Induced Thrombocytopenia



dr. Lily Amirullah



Silicosiderosis In A Non Smoker Male



dr. Yolanda Edith Pratiwi



Case Report: Necrotized Lung Adenocarcinoma Mimicking Lung Abscess Based On Serial Radiography



dr. Kurniawati Hatary



A Man With Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Mimicking Small Cell Thymic Carsinoma:A Case Report



dr. Gusti Noor Ramadany Saputra



Conservative Therapy Of Patient With Bilateral Idiopathic Chylothorax: A Case Report



dr. Whendy Wijaksono



A Young Male With Spontaneous Hemopneumothorax: A Case Report



dr. Abd. Rahman Bahmid



Silicosis in a rubber worker with complication cor pulmonale : a case report



dr. Gilang Muhammad Setyo Nugroho



Pulmonary Candidiasis In Diabetes Melitus Patients



dr. Diana Rahmaniar



A primary pulmonary synovial sarcoma



dr. Erika Putri Rozita



The Role Of Multidiciplinary Team To Establish The Diagnosis Of Lung Cancer



dr. Mayuasih Kartika



Pleural thickening mimicking with lung abscess and loculated hydropneumothorax: A case report



dr. Mia Herdiyanti Ahmad



Misdiagnosis of Thymic germ cell Ca as Thymoma





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: 14 September 2019



: Depan Ballroom


Waktu Penjurian

: 10.30 - 12.30 WIB






dr. Muhammad Zakki Al Fajri



Empyema Caused By Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) In Diabetic Patient With Squamous Cell Lung Cancer



dr. Isnaniyah Usman



Coexisting Lung Cancer And Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Case Series



dr. Jeffri Sofian Leksana



A Non Small Cell Adenocarsinoma Patient With Co-Infection Of Tuberculosis And Lung Abces : A Case Report



dr. Dicky Wahyudi



Lung Cancer-Associated Empyema Obtained From Pleural Biopsy : A Case Report



dr. Asrul Abdul Azis



Perianal Tuberculosis : A Case Report



dr. Muhammad Ayip



CASE REPORT : Pyopneumothorax with pleural thickening



dr. Nirmala



Rare Case Report: Co existing Aspergilloma With Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Lung



dr. Devi Grania



Recurrent Pulmonary Infection Due To Aplasia : Case Report



dr. Bagus



Kartagener's syndrome



dr. Pradana



Case report: pulmonary embolism



dr. Fajar Agung Prayogo



Pulmonary Aspergilosis Presenting With Recurrent Haemoptysis



dr. Roni Ardian



A Case Report : Pulmonary Hamartoma, A Rare Benign Tumour Of The Lung



dr. Sonya Noviana



A Rare Case: Anterior Mediastinal Nonkeratinizing Squamous Cell Carsinoma Of Thymus (Type C Thymoma)



dr. Salma Septiani



A Rare Case : Severe Pulmonary Tuberculosis As An Emerging Risk Factor For Pulmonary Embolism



dr. Tantrie Desty Lianawati



A Rare Case : Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Type Large Cell Carcinoma



d. Syarifah Fera Muhawan



Removal Technique Of Aspiration Turban Pin Using Flexible Bronchoscopy With Modified Laryngeal Mask Airway



dr. M. Irfan



Rare Case Report : Squamous Cell Carsinoma Lung With Metastatic Adenocarsinoma Of Femur



dr. Akhyar Fuadi



Case report: intestinal tuberculosis mimicking chron's disease



dr. Amilia Frayanty



Pleural Tuberculosis Patient With “Sago-Like Nodules” On Pleura



dr. Rinaldi Sani NST



Mediastinal Tumor Confirmed Yolk Sac Tumor From Percutaneus Transthoracic Core Needle Biopsy



dr. Okto Mara Fandi Harahap



A Rare COPD Case In Non-Smoker Woman With Autoimmune Disease (SLE) And History Of Pulmonary TB



dr. Rima Mellia



Interstitial Lung Disease Mimicking Pulmonary Tuberculosis



dr. Dewi Simarmata



Vena Cava Superior Syndrome With Mediastinal Germ Cell Tumour Overlapping Lymphadenitis Tuberculosis Infection



dr. Eka Suhartika



Treatment of mdr-tb with chronic kidney disease and dm type II





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: 13 September 2019



: Meeting Room 9


Waktu Presentasi

: 13.30 - 15.30 WIB






dr. Ari Julian Saputra




New GOLD COPD Guideline 2019: How We Deal with It? (Inhaled Corticosteroid Use and Blood Eosinophil Count)




dr. Muhammad Hari Nandi Pinto




Aspergilloma Related Tuberculosis : Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis And Treatment In Fourteen Cases




dr. Wati, Sp.P, dr. Gloria




Pulmonary Function Test Of Outpatients With Diabetes Mellitus At Dr. Ario Wirawan Hospital, Salatiga, March 2019




dr. Solita Siregar




A Descriptive Report of Tuberculosis in RSUD Kota Malang From 2018-2019




dr. Ahmad Muslim Nazarudin




Diffusing capacity of carbon monoxide (DLCO) on patient with Asthma-COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS) in Persahabatan Hospital, Jakarta




dr. Sitti Munawwarah




Role Of Bronchoscopy In Foreign Body Aspiration Management




M. Thoriq Satria Dinata




The Tuberculosis in Comfort Zone




dr. Agustina Dwiningtyas




Clinical characteristics and drug side effects in drug resistance of tuberculosis patients with short course therapy at Sanglah General Hospital Denpasar




dr. Astuti, Sp.P




The Characteristic of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis with Diabetes Mellitus Comorbidity in Ario Wirawan Hospital




dr. Diana Widyasanti



Comparison Of Tuberculosis Patient Distribution Between Bacteriological Confirmation And Clinical Diagnosis In Central Jakarta Population



dr Wati, Sp.P, dr. Reni



Prevalence of Chronic Cor Pulmonale in COPD In patients at RS Paru Dr. Ario Wirawan Salatiga in April 2019






: 14 September 2019



: Meeting Room 9


Waktu Presentasi

: 09.00-11.00 WIB






dr. Elsesmita




Knowledge Improvement Training Programme For Community Volunteer Of Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention In Lubuk Kilangan Public Health Care, Padang City




dr. Andhika Kesuma Putra




The Role Of Intrapleural fibrinolytic Therapy (IPFT) In Thoracic Empyema A First Case Series In Indonesia




dr. Enny Sudaryati, Sp.P




Profile Of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients At Dr. Soediran Mangun Sumarso Hospital Wonogiri In Mei-July 2019




dr. Hasto, Sp.P, dr. Maya




Overview of the Incidence of Lung Cancer types of Adenocarcinoma in Ario Wirawan Hospital




dr. Bheti Yuliana Fitrianingsih




The characteristic of lung cancer patients diagnosed with pneumonia undergoing chemotherapy in Moewardi Hospital




dr. Ariyanti Edi Hapsari




Bacterial Profile Of Pneumonia In Lung Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy In Dr. Moewardi Hospital




dr. Marsheilla Riska




Profile of Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio (NLR) and Platelet-to-Lymphocyte Ratio (PLR) in patients with Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in Ulin General Hospital Banjarmasin




dr. Etien Andriani




Prevalence of type and located of lung cancer in Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital February-June 2019 : a descriptive study




dr. Alfian Nur Rosyid




The pattern of Bacterial and Antibiotics resistance in outpatient with LRTI




dr. Rantih Intani Afrilia Damita




Carboxyhemoglobin levels and smoking habits among bajaj drivers in jakarta




dr. Nurvidya Rachma Dewi




Lung Function Test And Cognitive Impairment Among Taxi Drivers In Jakarta, Indonesia





: 13 September 2019



: Meeting Room 10


Waktu Penjurian

: 13.30 - 15.30 WIB






dr. Karmila




Factors Related To Subcutaneous Emphysema In Pneumothorax Patients Undergoing Chest Tube Insertion




dr. Wiliam Ray Cassidy




Weight Gain Pattern And The Associating Factors During Lung Tuberculosis Treatment In Kutawis Primary Healthcare Center In Central Java




dr. Budi Jefry




The Effect Of Vitamin C Supplementation On Chest X-Ray Improvement In Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients During Intensive Phase In Medan




dr. Muhammad Zubaidi




Comparation Of Citology Test And Plasma Ctdna For The Detection Of EGFR Mutation Status In Lung Adenocarcinoma At Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin




dr. Yulia




Expression Of Mirna-126 And Interleukin (IL) -13 In Fully Controlled And Not Fully Controlled Asthma Patients




dr. Eko




Correlation Between Invasive Aspergilosis CD4 Level With Galactomannan Level On Septic Penumonia And Respiratory Failure Patient At Dr Saiful Anwar Hospital, Malang




dr. M. Ali Asdar




Outcome Of Uncommon EGFR Mutation Positive In Advanced Stage Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients: A Cohort Retrospective Analysis




dr. Widyantri Wulandini




Eosinophil Blood Count In Copd Patient And Emergency Visit At Persahabatan Hospital Jakarta




dr. Eviriana R.H. Simarmata




Sputum Conversion And Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Related To Result Treatment Of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis In Human Immunodeficiency Virus Coinfection




dr. Nita Corry Agustine Nias




Pleural Fluid Analysis Of Malignant Pleural Effusion Patients At Persahabatan Central General Hospital Jakarta








: 14 September 2019



: Meeting Room 10


Waktu Penjurian

: 09.00-11.00 WIB






dr. Jaka Pradipta




Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 And The Risk Of Hemoptisis: Case-Control Study




dr. Rifda Hayati




The Effect Of Two Miles Jogging Exercises With Maximum Oxygen Uptake And Increased Lung Function Of Military Soldiers




dr. Chicy Widya Morfi




An Overview Of The Status, Degrees And Profiles Of Smoking And Nicotine Dependence Level On Visitors Of Car Free Day At The Commemoration Of World COPD Day 2018 In Padang City




Muhammad Subkhan




The Presence Of Other TB Cases In Family As A Substantial Factor Influencing Level Of Knowledge And Perception In TB Patients




dr. Cynthia Damayanti




Comparison Of The Outcomes Between Cisplatin Plus Pemetrexed And Cisplatin Plus Paclitaxel As First Line Treatment In Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer Patients In Dr. Moewardi Hospital Surakarta




dr. Safina Mutmainnah




Toxicity Of Pemetrexed/ Cisplatin Combination Versus Cisplatin/ Paclitaxel Combination In Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer Patients In




dr. Zamzam




Increased KL-6/MUC1 Serum Level, Neutrophils And Lymphocytes Sputum In Malang Splendid Bird Market Workers




dr. Ahmad Mustang




Usefulness Of Bronchial Washings To Diagnosing Lung Malignancy On The Basis Of Bronchoscopic Appearance In Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital Makassar




dr. Jatu Aviani




The effect of pedometer based walking exercise on the quadriceps muscle strength, quality of life, benefit, and cost in stable COPD patients




dr. Elda Putri Rahardini




Loss of family with sequence similarity 13, member A exacerbates pulmonary fibrosis by promoting epithelial to mesenchymal transition.