Materi Workshop 4

Tuberculosis and other Lung Infection
September 11th-12th 2019
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Day I, September 11th, 2019
1 and Comorbidity dr Erlina Burhan.pdf 0,9 MB
2 and diabetes mellitus whats next dr Yani Jane.pdf 3,6 MB
3 and Drug induced hepatitis DIH how to deal with dr Priyanti Z Soepandi.pdf 0,9 MB
4 and drugs allergy How to manage dr Tutik Kusmiati.pdf 3,7 MB
5 on TB HIV management dr Reviono.pdf 5,1 MB
Day II, September 12th, 2019
1 Overview-Drug Resistance in TB dr. Jatu Aphridasari.pdf 1,6 MB
2 Is it individual or short treatment regimen -STR- TB dr Harsini.pdf 0,4 MB
3 How to deal with adverse effect in DR-TB treatment dr Fathiyah Isbaniyah.pdf 0,3 MB
4 How to Manage Loss to Follow Up and Failure DR-TB Cases dr. Soedarsono.pdf 0,6 MB